Farewell Leuven – Move to Berlin into the Hassan/Hiesinger Einstein group @FU Berlin

Leuven town hall

Goodbye to the old Leuven town hall


Goodbye Noormannenstraat 24

Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes Part 1: Leuven

The time has come the moving boxes are almost packed and it is time to leave Leuven and the journey continues to Berlin. Good times end and a new adventure starts elsewhere.

Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes Part 2: Berlin

Buridan's Paradigm

Buridan’s Paradigm setups have travelled safely to Berlin


Our new home

It has been a fantastic start in Berlin both the Einstein Group of Bassem Hassan and the Group of Robin Hiesinger are truly fantastic. Super enthusiastic and clever scientists. The lab is superb equipped including several confocal microscopes and all a young neuroscientist could dream about. Our house is still a lot of work but we are working on it!

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