Lab retreat Miguel-Aliaga Lab Whitestable

Miguel-Aliaga Lab Picture

Miguel-Aliaga Lab Picture, Whitestable, 2016

In August my family and me went back to the UK to visit Irene, Paola and the entire Miguel-Aliaga lab on their annual lab retreat to Whitestable on 5th of August. Together we walked the Crab & Winkle Way from Canterbury to Whitestable. It was an absolute amazing day, that I am absolutely sure everyone enjoyed. Overall, it was a day full of catching up and interesting conversations. After leaving Whitestable in the evening, we went to Cambridge to meet other good friends from my PhD in Cambridge. Also here the wheather stayed as good as it has been in Whitestable to make this an absolutely unforgetable visit. In Cambridge itself, we saw very few changes. Obvioulsy the Collges, the Department of Zoology, all looked exactly the same as we would have left only yesterday.

Kings College Cambridge in Summer

Kings College, University of Cambridge in Summer. The same masses of tourists every year.

It was a long and very intense weekend, but on the ferry back to Belgium it felt like a short holiday to beloved Britain. The only disappointment was that our stay was much too short.

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